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Legal and Technical Translation Services

More than words...
Legal Translations and technical translation services as well as certified translations of official instruments, deeds and public documents belong to my main fields of activities since 1987. As a specialised legal and technical translator with many years of experience, I am perfectly familiar with numerous fields of knowledge, both, in the sector of law and engineering. This is why I am perfectly aware of the numerous snares and pitfalls to be mastered when translating contracts, agreements and other legal texts or technical documentation. All those aids offered to us by software, tools and the internet will only be of value, if used by a competent translator capable of making the correct distinctions and differentiations, that even the most expensive software cannot make. Without human translator, no software can decide, whether in the English translation, the German term "Leiter" has to be rendered by "head" (in the sense of a 'divisional head') or rather by "ladder" (as a means of access) or by "conductor" (used in electrics).

Technical Translation Services

Excellent technical translation services require much more than just a word-for-word rendition! Even my long-standing customers are aware that it is not sufficient to consult some standard dictionaries and to search in relevant online sources, in order to produce optimum results in the target language. The precise rendition of content and facts in the technical translation requires a high degree of qualification and skill, as well as comprehensive expert know-how that only technical translators with sufficient experience in the relevant disciplines possess. It is none the less important that a technical translator can only meet these high quality requirements, if he/she is committed to the principle of lifelong learning, i.e. if he/she is not satisfied with the knowledge acquired during studies but constantly updates his/her knowledge by further education, for not only the language as such undergoes changes but new developments, processes, technologies and products are launched at intervals getting shorter and shorter, which insiders and technical documentation experts have to consider and tackle, so as to come up with excellent results also in the future.

The prerequisite is a thorough understanding of the objective relations and contents on the part of the translator, so as to render them accurately in the target language. This is exactly where the wheat separates from the chaff, and where considerable quality differences are revealed in the results. What may perhaps still be acceptable for private use, is unusable for business and corporate purposes, as it would be highly detrimental to the corporate image, renown and the brand! This particularly applies to the translation of websites or publications intended for insiders!

For business and official purposes, it is generally a good idea to consult a professional translator, in order to ensure that the legal or technical context is correctly rendered into the target language without modifying the original meaning and content. This is the only way to guarantee that factual relations and statements in agreements and contracts, legal documents, law texts, operating instructions, service manuals and technical documentions are preserved without falsification, that misunderstandings and ambiguities are avoided and that the target group is addressed in adequate manner. This task can neither be managed by a machine translation nor by an amateur with a working knowledge of the language but without professional linguistic background and experience, and even the best software will only produce poor resultats, as could be easily demonstrated by numerous examples found in operating instructions and in the internet.

Work-station of the translator Jutta Kreienbaum
The translation office of Jutta Kreienbaum on the first floor

Certified Translations

Certified Translations of public instruments, such as school-leaving certificates, testimonials, driving licences, court decisions, entries in the Commercial Register a.s.o. are of great importance. They often have financial, personal and commercial effects. This is why they may only be made by sworn translators, as the translation of such deeds and documents is as conclusive as the original!

If you need my assistance as a professional technical or legal translator or in connection with certified translations of documents for official use, I am looking forward to your inquiry, for it is my daily routine to apply the correct terminology and an adequate form of address of the respective target group. Please feel free to send me your source text by e-mail to jk@uebersetzungen-kreienbaum.de If you require further details, please ask for my brief profile.

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